Foley is a Golden Retriever rescued a few years ago...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Baker, Not a Barker

My name is Baker, which, I admit, is a strange name considering I am a beatiful girl. Even though Baker is not the most feminine name, I am quite a girly girl.

I am 10, but you would never know it from the way I act. I like to play fetch (I prefer tennis balls) but I even like to play with the ball as I bring it back. I like to drop it, move it around with my paws, and pick it back up so I can drop it again.

I was with a family but they got divorced and gave me to some friends. Then those people got divorced...I'm ready to find a forever family. And I guess my last family had no idea what a Golden should weigh, because I came into Love a Golden needing to gain 5 or so pounds. (I'm kind of on the skinny side. They thought I was overweight! Jeeze! A girl can't win!) Needless to say, I love the plentiful food around here at my foster home...

Even though I love eating, and even though I am tall enough to easily "counter cruise" or get into the trash can, I don't. I am well mannered, and walk on a leash like a dream.

I am so new to Love a Golden, I am not even on the website yet (but will be in the next week or two). So, if you're interested in me, call 314-963-5232 and leave a message. They'll tell you to fill out an application ( which you can do online.

After all, I've been moved around a couple of times. I'm ready to move again to a permanent place in someone's home...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Denver...Not Just in Colorado Anymore

          My name is Denver. I'm proof that you don't have to drive all the way to Colorado to find something gorgeous. I'm right St. Louis!

         I'm three years old. I wasn't getting fed, and had to fend for myself. When Love a Golden rescued me earlier this summer, I was very thin. I also stunk. (Hey, I was kept outside all day...What do you expect from me? I would have preferred to keep myself neat and tidy, but no one was interested in brushing me or giving me an occasional bath.)

       Now I am getting good at walking on the leash. I would need a fenced-in yard because when I see a squirrel or a rabbit, my old instincts kick in and I think, 'Dinner time!' and run after "snacks" like those.

      If you want a young, handsome guy like me to join your family, go to Love a Golden.  I would love to find a forever home soon...

Monday, May 30, 2011

My Friend Annie

        My name is Foley, and I write the posts for this blog. Usually, I write about rescued Goldens who are looking for forever homes. But today I'm going to do something a bit different...

        Two days ago my two-legged friends took away my best pal, Annie. She had not been feeling well for several days. She stopped eating, she stopping going outside, she stopped moving around at all. On Saturday she even stopped wagging her tail...

        My two-leggers carried her out on a towel.  They both had to work together to get her out of the house and into the car. I didn't think anything about it. Sometimes I get to go for a ride without Annie---usually to the vet---so I figured, she'd be back soon.

       But she wasn't.  She didn't come back on Saturday, I kept looking around for her on Sunday, and now it's Monday, and still no sign of Annie...

       I keep wandering around, hoping she'll show up. I try to listen to what my two-leggers say, to see if I can put the pieces of the puzzle together. Phrases like, "put down" and "rainbow bridge" and "no longer in pain now" come up, but I don't know what they mean.

        This is a picture of Annie, in case you see her...

             One of my two-leggers also wrote about Annie on her blog, I think. You can go here to read it.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Leavin' On a Jet Plane

Luci and Sammy--in their crates---ready to be loaded on plane headed west...

                  I never met Luci or Sammy before they blew the coop, but hey, they're Goldens, so I know they're great dogs.

Sammy---a 9-year old guy

                  Love a Golden got them, but unfortunately, they desperately need foster homes.  (Who wouldn't jump at the chance to love on a Golden, and all the vet and medical bills are taken care of? ) Since all the foster homes are full to the brim, a more creative solution had to be found in order to save these dogs. 

Luci---She's 10, but quite energetic for her age.
(It was difficult getting her to sit still enough to get a shot of her.)

                  Those two-legged creatures can be pretty smart sometimes, 'cause they found a way!

                  Homeward Bound, in Sacremento, has a program for senior dogs called SOS (Save Our Seniors).  Luci and Sammy left on Friday afternoon, and will be living the good life in sunny California. (I wonder if they will get an in-flight movie?)  

                 Check out Homeward Bound, and if you know of any two-leggers who have room for a foster dog (in the St. Louis/St. Charles area) or if you know anyone who is in looking to adopt a Golden Retriever, please let them know about Love a Golden.  

                 Because we're desperate...     

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm Tuckie...and Lucky I Got Rescued

      Hi!  My name is Tuckie, and I used to live in a terrible place. I spent my last 7 years at a breeder.  No love. No attention. No petting. I just had a job to do, was fed, but didn't get to play or enjoy life.

     Now, however, I am living with my foster mom, and I am soaking up love like a sponge. I get petted a lot, and since I never knew that a hand reaching out to me could be "nice" and gentle, I flinched a lot. But I'm getting better. I'm learning that when I see a hand coming towards me, it's not going to hit me or slap me. Hands now mean love...

     My teeth are worn down from trying to chew my way out of my crate (when I lived with that awful breeder) but that doesn't stop me from eating. No way!

     I am learning how to follow doggy commands, am crate trained, and I'm looking for a forever home. Because after all, I've got years and years of love to give and lots of love to soak up...

      If you'd like to find out more about me, contact Love a Golden Rescue.  You won't regret it!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hi! My Name is Tessa

        My name is Tessa.  I am still a "teenager" as far as dogs are concerned. (How old am I? I'm only 18 months old, although it's impolite to ask a lady her age.)

       Someone put an ad out, offering to give me away!  Free to a good home! Imagine, someone giving me away. I am such a gorgeous girl, they could have gotten hundreds thousands of dollars for me.

        When someone who knows about Love a Golden Rescue saw the advertisement, they contacted LAGR, and the rest is...history. Or herstory, since it's my past. (Girls rule!  Boys drool!)

       I am well behaved in my foster home. I am looking for a family I can spend many, many years with.  A family with a fenced-in yard, so I can run around and play.  A family that has love in their heart for a beautiful, warm-hearted dog like me...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Calling Governor Nixon

          My two-legged friends are busy right now calling Governor Nixon.  Apparently, the majority of the people voted "yes" on Prop B, but now it's in danger of being extinguished.

          I thought when people vote, their voices get heard.  I guess not...After all, when I "speak," everyone hears me bark!

photo by abcbassett

          The two-leggers are asking you to call Governor Nixon. Ask him to uphold Prop B.  I know there are a lot of miserable dogs in Missouri right now (our state has the most puppy mills in the state). These dogs live in wire cages, they are constantly in a breeding cycle, and they never get the chance to know the love of a human...unless they're rescued.

          His number is 573-751-3222.

          Prop B will help make sure that my four-legged friends get treated with a bit more humanity...

photo by Mo's Fo-Toes

           Please pass the word along to your friends in Missouri.  Maybe Governor Nixon will hear us...


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dillon, Dillon, Bo-Billon, Banana-fana, Fo-Fillon

               My name is Dillon, and I don't mean to sound vain, but I am one of the most handsome Goldens you'll ever see.

                I'm only a year and a half, so I'm still a young whippersnapper.  Unfortunately, I was born---and spent my life so far until LAGR rescued me---at a breeder, so I am getting used to living like a dog should live.  You know, getting attention and love from two-leggers, having a comfy place to sleep, occasional treats...That's the kind of life I'm livin' now in my foster home.

               Having another doggie companion to help me learn the ropes would sure help me out.  That way, I could blossom even faster, becoming the wonderful dog I'm destined to be.

               Aren't you searching for a dog just like me?  You could be the very family I've been waiting for all my life...Email if you are interested in checking me out at one of our meet and greets.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Battle of the Goldens

Note:  This evening, two of my Golden friends--Maggie Moo and Bennie--were in Clayton,to promote pet adoption and they even appeared on the news. After the filming finished, the squabbling began...

Bennie:  I got more footage than you, Maggie.  Being so young and handsome, the camera just fell in love with me!

Maggie Moo:  The only reason you got filmed so much is you kept moving around and saying "hi" to all the other dogs there.  I am a lady. I know to stand and wait and be patient... 

Bennie: Did you see Kelly and David Backes there?  They were the ones who invited us to this get-together.  David is a Blues hockey player.

Maggie Moo:  What is "hockey"?

Bennie:  Well, it's a sport, but since it's not played with a "ball," it's b-o-r-i-n-g! I'm not interested in it...

Maggie Moo:  And tell me again. Why were all of us rescue dogs hanging around in Clayton tonight?

Bennie:  There are a bunch of billboards that just went up in St. Louis, urging people to adopt a pet.  You know, Maggie Moo, Missouri is the # 1 puppy mill state.  That's horrible!
                   By the way, did you know I got to try sushi tonight?

Maggie Moo:  You did?  How did I miss out on that?

Bennie:  I keep tellin' you, I'm special.

photo by Witty nickname

Maggie Moo:  "I had to go after a squirrel
for a snack, since I missed out on the sushi!

Bennie:  Thanks to our two newest followers... Melody, we're glad you're keeping up with what we're doing.  Maybe you know someone who is in the market for a great dog like Maggie Moo me?

Maggie Moo:  And thanks also to Lisa Ricard Claro.  She has a blog.  She has a meme. I haven't a clue what either one of those are, but I hear she's a talented writer.  Thanks for adding yourself as a follower...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Foley Says Thanks

          My mom makes me type up the posts for this blog, which cuts into my ball-playing time. And, it's hard to hit the right keys with these big paws of mine. 

         So it makes me feel good (although not as good as I feel at 8:00 when it's "carrot time") when I have snared some followers.

This is me, Foley. I get tired of other Goldens getting all the attention
with their photos, so I figured I would post a "beefcake" shot of me...

        A big thank to you to our first five followers:

Becky Povich---Becky is a blogger, a writer, and a dog-lover. She recently adopted a rescued dog named Vern, who isn't a Golden, but he IS golden-colored...He seems like he's a nice guy, but I haven't had the chance to sniff his butt yet.

Melissa---I think Melissa is one of the two-legged Love a Golden volunteers...

Michele---Michele has had foster dogs for Love a Golden and she does a lot of volunteering.  You can see her at various meet and greets and other events.  

Angie Borgman---Angie is a LAGR volunteer and foster mom. You can see her at various events---selling homemade dog biscuits and talking about the available dogs... 

Marcia Berry---is a volunteer, she's fostered our Goldens, and now she's working on a Love a Golden trivia night that will happen this spring.

       Thanks to all of you for becoming a follower.  Hopefully there will be more joining you soon...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm the One Rod Stewart Sang About...

Okay, this is one of the photos that was taken when I was heavier than I am now.
And don't they say that the camera adds on 10 pounds?

         My name is Maggie Moo, and in a previous life, I was romanced by Rod Stewart.  He wrote his #1 song about my many charms, but since I would not give him permission to use my name, he changed it to Maggie May, and the rest is musical history...

        I mean, I'm an older girl, but I'm not that old!  After all, I'm only 13 but Rod is 70-something...And just like Rod Stewart can still shake his butt and prance around like a teenager, I still have oodles of life left in me.

        You want proof?  When Love a Golden Rescue got me, my owner had died.  They figure I was an outdoor dog, since it was obvious that tiled floors were unfamiliar to me once I got to my foster home.  Now, however, I have gotten used to the comforts of home, although I still love lying outside, basking in the sun and enjoying the scents that waft my way...

       Love a Golden also figured that my owner gave me any food---as much as I wanted---any time I wanted it.  I tipped the scales at 117 pounds.  But already, I've slimmed down to 90.3 pounds (as of March 18) and am on a mission. A mission to lose even more.

       Many of you men and women would like to know how I've lost so much weight in a short period of time.  I have two secrets:  watching what you eat and walking several times a day.

       My foster parents have put me on healthy chow (instead of food filled with calorie-packed fillers) and I don't get an unlimited amount.  I get the right amount for what would be my "normal" size. 

I watched one of those "Rocky" movies---the one where he
went to Russia---and I remembered he trained out in the snow of
Siberia.  If it works for Sylvester Stallone, maybe it can for me, too!

Note:  Do not start any diet without consulting your doctor.  I have a vet that keeps an eye on me, along with many followers that are rooting for me. When I get down to my ideal weight, someone has even promised to treat me to a "spa"day.  I am really looking forward to the cucumber mask!  Yum!  What did you say?  You mean the cucumber mask is not meant for consumption?  Darn!  But I will get a pedicure and a massage, won't I?

          I also take several walks every day.  And don't think my foster mom and dad have to drag me out the door and force me to walk.  I'm the one reminding them that it's my turn to go for a jaunt. 

        I get along splendidly with my foster siblings. I'm just waiting for the right people to come along who will become my new family.  Because they will be the lucky ones...(After all, I get monthly residual checks from Rod Stewart's label!)


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Buffy the Heart Slayer

This is me, Buffy, before I've gotten the chance to
put on any make up.  I've done my hair myself.
In spite of that, am I not a gorgeous girl?!?

      We Goldens keep telling Foley--our canine copywriter--that he needs to stop with the obscure connections. The "Unsinkable Mollie" and "Bennie and the Jets" and now..."Buffy the Heart-Slayer." Most people probably don't even remember the "Vampire-Slayer" television show but probably even fewer remember the "Family Affair" TV show with Buffy and Jody and Mr. French. So, we apologize for Foley's bad jokes (since he refuses to say, "I'm sorry.")

     My name is Buffy, and I am around 2 years old.  I'm doing really well in my foster home, I get along with my foster sibling (they are an extremely polite dog) and I'm a very good girl---in the house as well as out of the house.

    I am quiet, too. I have only barked one time, and that was when I saw my reflection.  (Hey, seeing another dog staring at me got me startled for a moment. I couldn't help it!)

    I am eager to find a forever home...a home I can grow with as I get into my teen years, my middle-aged years, and even older.

    Check me out at have recently found my forever home. But please check out the other great Golden girls and boys at our site.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hi! I'm Haulsey

       Since I am part Irish Setter, I am better looking than your usual Golden Retriever.  (At least that's what I tell my friends who are pure Golden.)  I have the most gorgeous deep red coat, and very unsual (but quite handsome) ears.

      I'm also 10-years old, which means I'm way past the chewing-on-furniture and peeing-on-the-floor stage.  But don't think that just because I'm a "senior," that I'm past the point of enjoying attention.  I have gotten really used to being loved on in my foster home; I'm looking forward to continuing to soak up love in my forever home.

      My former family surrendered me because they had to travel and couldn't take me.  How about you? Are you looking for a great dog to adopt?  I could be just the one you're looking for...

       Go to and go to "Golden Boys."  You'll see a third photo of me and read a little more about me.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bennie and the Jets?

This is one of my "action" shots...Don't I look like I would
be a fun dog to have around?

           (Okay.  I thought the title was a bit lame, but Foley, who typed this up, thought a lot of people would connect with the Elton John song, so I'm deferring to his wisdom.) 

           There is something to be said for the folly of youth. I'm only 18 months old or so, which means I am energetic, because I still am part "puppy."  And just like teenagers get into occasional trouble, I am learning which toys I can play with, and I'm learning there's a time to jump and a time to refrain from jumping.

        However, since I am a youngster, that means I will be able to grow with your family. You'll be able to mold me and soon---I promise---I will become a seamless part of your home and your heart.

        The two-legged folks think I might be a Golden "mix," but I think that might be a "plus" too, just like my youth.  I could be wrong, but I think I shed a little less than my Golden foster sister.  (And hey!  Wouldn't it be great if you could do less sweeping and vacuuming?)

        I am longing for a forever home.  A home that needs an infusion of joy, because that's what my foster mother says I am:  a bundle of joy!

         Read a little more about me at  You'll find me amongst the Golden boys... 

A Puppy Mill Auction

        My mom went to a puppy mill auction recently.  She came home from it smelling awful (and she thinks I smell bad when I roll in poop--she stunk a lot worse!) and looking very sad...

        If you want to find out what she thought about it, go to and read her post called "A Made-Me-Feel-Dirty Weekend."

photo by AbbyB.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The "Unsinkable" Mollie

This is my close-up shot...Don't I have
the most gorgeous, liquid-brown eyes?

        My name is Mollie and even though it's not nice to question a lady about her age, I will tell you. I'm six, which in Golden years means I am still active and playful. It also means I am past the puppy stage, so I don't chew up things and I have good house manners.

       I used to have a family but they moved away to a house without a fence.  I don't know why they chose a house with no fenced-in yard, knowing that I was a member of their family, but they didn't consider me, and so I was given up.  It was very sad---I had lived with them and had been loved by them for all of my life, and I didn't quite understand why they left me.  Why did they leave and not come back for me?  Why did I have to go to a "strange" house and live there?

       Well, it has worked out for the best, I guess.  I now live in a foster home where I get lots of love and attention.  But I certainly would like a home that is mine, a home that will be mine forever...

       What else would you like to know about me?  I get along with children (but please, don't apply to adopt me if you have any kids under the age of 4.  That is something the Love a Golden people are quite persnickety about.) and I get along with cats.  (Of course, cats are inferior to dogs, but they're nonetheless nice to have around.)

         Did you know that Golden Retrievers think life is a party, and they are the guest of honor? It's true.  We enjoy life so much and have such a great time.  Our enthusiasm and zest for life cannot be squashed.

         And I'm ready to start enjoying life with my new family.  Could you be the one I'm looking for?  If so, go to  You'll find me along with other Golden Girls...

Apparently Foley writing this blurb on his blog was a great idea, because I am now adopted!  I found a forever home!  I have a family that loves me!  But there are many other lovely and loving Goldens who are not so lucky.  Check them out on this blog, or go to our site to see all the four-legged friends available for adoption...

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Anita and I Need-a Forever Family

This is my glamour shot I give to all the movie studios...
Don't you think I have gorgous bone structure?

      Yes, I have a bit of white and gray in my face, but seriously--don't you think ladies who have been around the block once or twice are far more alluring and interesting than young, inexperienced pups?

      I'm ten years old, but I still have lots of living to do.  I adore belly rubs (what girl doesn't?) and I am good no matter where I am---at home or in the car.  I used to be an outside dog in my "former" life, but I have gotten used to living inside and, I must say, it's mighty nice to lay down on a comfy dog bed and take a nap (or two) during the day.

     What is a girl like me looking for?  A home where my people will not be gone all day for long hours.  I'd love to have a doggy friend there to be a companion for me, and I even like cats!  (I have a fondness for taking a soft toy to sleep with me when I nap...I hope that's okay with you.)

         I was found in a shelter. (My former family did not want me anymore. What kind of horrible people just "discard" sweet dogs like me?)  From my perspective, there is nothing more marvelous than a dog hanging around its people--it's my idea of heaven!  (However, I also enjoy going for walks and for rides in the car.)

     So, how about it?  Do you have room in your heart and your home for a gal like me who is eager to start a second life? Contact if you'd like to consider a girl who's full of love...

Goodness gracious!  I am one lucky gal!  I am no longer available--I'm "taken."  I got adopted, but I am worried about the other senior boys and girls that are still looking for a family to call their own.  Go to our site to see Goldens who are still waiting---patiently---for a family.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Could This Be YOUR Buddy?

          I'm around 2 years old.  But don't let my youth get you worried.  I am one of the most well-behaved dogs you'll ever encounter.

Thank goodness I have a beautiful reddish-blonde coat to keep me warm!

        My name is Buddy Boy. I like to play with my foster brother, but you would be surprised...You might look down and notice me just stretched out on the floor and relaxing like a good boy.  However, my favorite place to relax is by my people.  (After all I'm a Golden. And don't all Goldens love to be around the two-legged source of their love?)

      Like most dogs that began as strays, I need a fence at my new home.  If I was just let loose to go potty, I might run and become a stray again, and nobody wants that!  With  a fence, I am happy to play outside and I'm kept safe at the same time! 

Look into my brown eyes...How can you resist?

      My foster mom and dad are giving me lots of love and attention. Thanks to them, I've flourished and am now a handsome boy.  But what I really want is a home to call my own.  Please check me out under "Golden Boys" at Love a Golden Rescue. And think about opening up your heart and your home to a young boy like me...


Sunday, January 30, 2011

I got my background at

My Name is Charlie Brown


               I'm Charlie Brown. I'm 8 years old, which in a Golden's life is not old, because I am typical of Golden Retrievers.  I have a zest for life, and love to get attention. In other words, don't pass me by just because I'm no longer a young pup.. I still have a lot to offer someone; I still have lots I can add to a family.

      Okay, okay...You want to know why I had to get rescued. I understand. You're curious.  Well, my family lost their home, and they could not take me with them.  Imagine how devastated they were, to lose me---a member of their family for the last eight years!

     And because I'm an honest guy, I will admit it: I'm not in completely perfect shape, but then, who is? People think I am a bit deaf (I am not admitting to anything about being hard of hearing; I like to think of it as "selective hearing" instead).  The folks who rescued me think it's because I had too many ear infections when I was younger...

      When the Love a Golden people got me, they took me to the vet to get checked out.  I had a lump, which was taken off and looked at.  I have a clean bill of health now. Yahoo!

     If you're interested in expanding your family, please check me out on Love a Golden Rescue's site. You can find me under the "Golden Boys."