Foley is a Golden Retriever rescued a few years ago...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hi! My Name is Tessa

        My name is Tessa.  I am still a "teenager" as far as dogs are concerned. (How old am I? I'm only 18 months old, although it's impolite to ask a lady her age.)

       Someone put an ad out, offering to give me away!  Free to a good home! Imagine, someone giving me away. I am such a gorgeous girl, they could have gotten hundreds thousands of dollars for me.

        When someone who knows about Love a Golden Rescue saw the advertisement, they contacted LAGR, and the rest is...history. Or herstory, since it's my past. (Girls rule!  Boys drool!)

       I am well behaved in my foster home. I am looking for a family I can spend many, many years with.  A family with a fenced-in yard, so I can run around and play.  A family that has love in their heart for a beautiful, warm-hearted dog like me...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Calling Governor Nixon

          My two-legged friends are busy right now calling Governor Nixon.  Apparently, the majority of the people voted "yes" on Prop B, but now it's in danger of being extinguished.

          I thought when people vote, their voices get heard.  I guess not...After all, when I "speak," everyone hears me bark!

photo by abcbassett

          The two-leggers are asking you to call Governor Nixon. Ask him to uphold Prop B.  I know there are a lot of miserable dogs in Missouri right now (our state has the most puppy mills in the state). These dogs live in wire cages, they are constantly in a breeding cycle, and they never get the chance to know the love of a human...unless they're rescued.

          His number is 573-751-3222.

          Prop B will help make sure that my four-legged friends get treated with a bit more humanity...

photo by Mo's Fo-Toes

           Please pass the word along to your friends in Missouri.  Maybe Governor Nixon will hear us...


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dillon, Dillon, Bo-Billon, Banana-fana, Fo-Fillon

               My name is Dillon, and I don't mean to sound vain, but I am one of the most handsome Goldens you'll ever see.

                I'm only a year and a half, so I'm still a young whippersnapper.  Unfortunately, I was born---and spent my life so far until LAGR rescued me---at a breeder, so I am getting used to living like a dog should live.  You know, getting attention and love from two-leggers, having a comfy place to sleep, occasional treats...That's the kind of life I'm livin' now in my foster home.

               Having another doggie companion to help me learn the ropes would sure help me out.  That way, I could blossom even faster, becoming the wonderful dog I'm destined to be.

               Aren't you searching for a dog just like me?  You could be the very family I've been waiting for all my life...Email if you are interested in checking me out at one of our meet and greets.