Foley is a Golden Retriever rescued a few years ago...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Baker, Not a Barker

My name is Baker, which, I admit, is a strange name considering I am a beatiful girl. Even though Baker is not the most feminine name, I am quite a girly girl.

I am 10, but you would never know it from the way I act. I like to play fetch (I prefer tennis balls) but I even like to play with the ball as I bring it back. I like to drop it, move it around with my paws, and pick it back up so I can drop it again.

I was with a family but they got divorced and gave me to some friends. Then those people got divorced...I'm ready to find a forever family. And I guess my last family had no idea what a Golden should weigh, because I came into Love a Golden needing to gain 5 or so pounds. (I'm kind of on the skinny side. They thought I was overweight! Jeeze! A girl can't win!) Needless to say, I love the plentiful food around here at my foster home...

Even though I love eating, and even though I am tall enough to easily "counter cruise" or get into the trash can, I don't. I am well mannered, and walk on a leash like a dream.

I am so new to Love a Golden, I am not even on the website yet (but will be in the next week or two). So, if you're interested in me, call 314-963-5232 and leave a message. They'll tell you to fill out an application ( which you can do online.

After all, I've been moved around a couple of times. I'm ready to move again to a permanent place in someone's home...


  1. Now I think I've made a mistake by following this blog. I'd have 50 dogs but I think my subdivision would have the right to kick us out if I did. Baker is beautiful. And I'm a stray picker upper. Darn you Sioux.

  2. I'm with Cactus Country! Baker looks and seems like a perfect gal-friend for Vern....but I must not even think about it! Maybe she could come to his big birthday bash we're having next month! He'll be 10 years old, too!....and is as playful as Baker sounds!

  3. I love how Goldens sidle up to you and body rub your leg unti you pet them...and they will stay there until you shoo them away.