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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bennie and the Jets?

This is one of my "action" shots...Don't I look like I would
be a fun dog to have around?

           (Okay.  I thought the title was a bit lame, but Foley, who typed this up, thought a lot of people would connect with the Elton John song, so I'm deferring to his wisdom.) 

           There is something to be said for the folly of youth. I'm only 18 months old or so, which means I am energetic, because I still am part "puppy."  And just like teenagers get into occasional trouble, I am learning which toys I can play with, and I'm learning there's a time to jump and a time to refrain from jumping.

        However, since I am a youngster, that means I will be able to grow with your family. You'll be able to mold me and soon---I promise---I will become a seamless part of your home and your heart.

        The two-legged folks think I might be a Golden "mix," but I think that might be a "plus" too, just like my youth.  I could be wrong, but I think I shed a little less than my Golden foster sister.  (And hey!  Wouldn't it be great if you could do less sweeping and vacuuming?)

        I am longing for a forever home.  A home that needs an infusion of joy, because that's what my foster mother says I am:  a bundle of joy!

         Read a little more about me at  You'll find me amongst the Golden boys... 

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