Foley is a Golden Retriever rescued a few years ago...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Huey, Huey! Oh, You Gotta Go!

       And whoever Huey goes to will be a lucky family...

     (Sorry for the lame song connection. "Louie Louie" is the only song that rhymes with Huey. The only place he needs to "go" to is a forever family...)

     Huey is a senior. He's been in his foster family (my family) for a few months. And this is what we've found out about Huey:

     He is a perfect gentleman. Some dogs are impatient in the morning. They wake you up to go out, they prance around and nose you to get fed. Not Huey. He is patient and hey, if you want to sleep in on a Saturday morning, that's okay with Huey. He'll wait patiently for you.

      He WILL dance when you come home, because he's so happy to see you. And all Huey wants is someone to love him and pet him.

     Even though he is a senior, he has a lot of life and a lot of play left in him. Huey is currently living with a dog foster-brother who is obsessed with playing fetch. Huey has proved he has the right stuff--he can jump into the air after a ball just like younger dogs.

     And Huey refuses to get onto the furniture. His foster brother "owns" the couch, but Huey thinks that people belong on the futon and dogs belong elsewhere. (Huey is happy on a folded-up blanket or a small rug. He's not particular.)

     If you are interested in meeting Huey, go to Love a Golden Rescue and go to "Golden Boys." He is neutered, he's microchipped, he's up-to-date on his shots and he's ready to love you...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Baker, Not a Barker

My name is Baker, which, I admit, is a strange name considering I am a beatiful girl. Even though Baker is not the most feminine name, I am quite a girly girl.

I am 10, but you would never know it from the way I act. I like to play fetch (I prefer tennis balls) but I even like to play with the ball as I bring it back. I like to drop it, move it around with my paws, and pick it back up so I can drop it again.

I was with a family but they got divorced and gave me to some friends. Then those people got divorced...I'm ready to find a forever family. And I guess my last family had no idea what a Golden should weigh, because I came into Love a Golden needing to gain 5 or so pounds. (I'm kind of on the skinny side. They thought I was overweight! Jeeze! A girl can't win!) Needless to say, I love the plentiful food around here at my foster home...

Even though I love eating, and even though I am tall enough to easily "counter cruise" or get into the trash can, I don't. I am well mannered, and walk on a leash like a dream.

I am so new to Love a Golden, I am not even on the website yet (but will be in the next week or two). So, if you're interested in me, call 314-963-5232 and leave a message. They'll tell you to fill out an application ( which you can do online.

After all, I've been moved around a couple of times. I'm ready to move again to a permanent place in someone's home...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Denver...Not Just in Colorado Anymore

          My name is Denver. I'm proof that you don't have to drive all the way to Colorado to find something gorgeous. I'm right St. Louis!

         I'm three years old. I wasn't getting fed, and had to fend for myself. When Love a Golden rescued me earlier this summer, I was very thin. I also stunk. (Hey, I was kept outside all day...What do you expect from me? I would have preferred to keep myself neat and tidy, but no one was interested in brushing me or giving me an occasional bath.)

       Now I am getting good at walking on the leash. I would need a fenced-in yard because when I see a squirrel or a rabbit, my old instincts kick in and I think, 'Dinner time!' and run after "snacks" like those.

      If you want a young, handsome guy like me to join your family, go to Love a Golden.  I would love to find a forever home soon...

Monday, May 30, 2011

My Friend Annie

        My name is Foley, and I write the posts for this blog. Usually, I write about rescued Goldens who are looking for forever homes. But today I'm going to do something a bit different...

        Two days ago my two-legged friends took away my best pal, Annie. She had not been feeling well for several days. She stopped eating, she stopping going outside, she stopped moving around at all. On Saturday she even stopped wagging her tail...

        My two-leggers carried her out on a towel.  They both had to work together to get her out of the house and into the car. I didn't think anything about it. Sometimes I get to go for a ride without Annie---usually to the vet---so I figured, she'd be back soon.

       But she wasn't.  She didn't come back on Saturday, I kept looking around for her on Sunday, and now it's Monday, and still no sign of Annie...

       I keep wandering around, hoping she'll show up. I try to listen to what my two-leggers say, to see if I can put the pieces of the puzzle together. Phrases like, "put down" and "rainbow bridge" and "no longer in pain now" come up, but I don't know what they mean.

        This is a picture of Annie, in case you see her...

             One of my two-leggers also wrote about Annie on her blog, I think. You can go here to read it.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Leavin' On a Jet Plane

Luci and Sammy--in their crates---ready to be loaded on plane headed west...

                  I never met Luci or Sammy before they blew the coop, but hey, they're Goldens, so I know they're great dogs.

Sammy---a 9-year old guy

                  Love a Golden got them, but unfortunately, they desperately need foster homes.  (Who wouldn't jump at the chance to love on a Golden, and all the vet and medical bills are taken care of? ) Since all the foster homes are full to the brim, a more creative solution had to be found in order to save these dogs. 

Luci---She's 10, but quite energetic for her age.
(It was difficult getting her to sit still enough to get a shot of her.)

                  Those two-legged creatures can be pretty smart sometimes, 'cause they found a way!

                  Homeward Bound, in Sacremento, has a program for senior dogs called SOS (Save Our Seniors).  Luci and Sammy left on Friday afternoon, and will be living the good life in sunny California. (I wonder if they will get an in-flight movie?)  

                 Check out Homeward Bound, and if you know of any two-leggers who have room for a foster dog (in the St. Louis/St. Charles area) or if you know anyone who is in looking to adopt a Golden Retriever, please let them know about Love a Golden.  

                 Because we're desperate...     

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm Tuckie...and Lucky I Got Rescued

      Hi!  My name is Tuckie, and I used to live in a terrible place. I spent my last 7 years at a breeder.  No love. No attention. No petting. I just had a job to do, was fed, but didn't get to play or enjoy life.

     Now, however, I am living with my foster mom, and I am soaking up love like a sponge. I get petted a lot, and since I never knew that a hand reaching out to me could be "nice" and gentle, I flinched a lot. But I'm getting better. I'm learning that when I see a hand coming towards me, it's not going to hit me or slap me. Hands now mean love...

     My teeth are worn down from trying to chew my way out of my crate (when I lived with that awful breeder) but that doesn't stop me from eating. No way!

     I am learning how to follow doggy commands, am crate trained, and I'm looking for a forever home. Because after all, I've got years and years of love to give and lots of love to soak up...

      If you'd like to find out more about me, contact Love a Golden Rescue.  You won't regret it!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hi! My Name is Tessa

        My name is Tessa.  I am still a "teenager" as far as dogs are concerned. (How old am I? I'm only 18 months old, although it's impolite to ask a lady her age.)

       Someone put an ad out, offering to give me away!  Free to a good home! Imagine, someone giving me away. I am such a gorgeous girl, they could have gotten hundreds thousands of dollars for me.

        When someone who knows about Love a Golden Rescue saw the advertisement, they contacted LAGR, and the rest is...history. Or herstory, since it's my past. (Girls rule!  Boys drool!)

       I am well behaved in my foster home. I am looking for a family I can spend many, many years with.  A family with a fenced-in yard, so I can run around and play.  A family that has love in their heart for a beautiful, warm-hearted dog like me...