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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Buffy the Heart Slayer

This is me, Buffy, before I've gotten the chance to
put on any make up.  I've done my hair myself.
In spite of that, am I not a gorgeous girl?!?

      We Goldens keep telling Foley--our canine copywriter--that he needs to stop with the obscure connections. The "Unsinkable Mollie" and "Bennie and the Jets" and now..."Buffy the Heart-Slayer." Most people probably don't even remember the "Vampire-Slayer" television show but probably even fewer remember the "Family Affair" TV show with Buffy and Jody and Mr. French. So, we apologize for Foley's bad jokes (since he refuses to say, "I'm sorry.")

     My name is Buffy, and I am around 2 years old.  I'm doing really well in my foster home, I get along with my foster sibling (they are an extremely polite dog) and I'm a very good girl---in the house as well as out of the house.

    I am quiet, too. I have only barked one time, and that was when I saw my reflection.  (Hey, seeing another dog staring at me got me startled for a moment. I couldn't help it!)

    I am eager to find a forever home...a home I can grow with as I get into my teen years, my middle-aged years, and even older.

    Check me out at have recently found my forever home. But please check out the other great Golden girls and boys at our site.

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