Foley is a Golden Retriever rescued a few years ago...

Monday, February 21, 2011

The "Unsinkable" Mollie

This is my close-up shot...Don't I have
the most gorgeous, liquid-brown eyes?

        My name is Mollie and even though it's not nice to question a lady about her age, I will tell you. I'm six, which in Golden years means I am still active and playful. It also means I am past the puppy stage, so I don't chew up things and I have good house manners.

       I used to have a family but they moved away to a house without a fence.  I don't know why they chose a house with no fenced-in yard, knowing that I was a member of their family, but they didn't consider me, and so I was given up.  It was very sad---I had lived with them and had been loved by them for all of my life, and I didn't quite understand why they left me.  Why did they leave and not come back for me?  Why did I have to go to a "strange" house and live there?

       Well, it has worked out for the best, I guess.  I now live in a foster home where I get lots of love and attention.  But I certainly would like a home that is mine, a home that will be mine forever...

       What else would you like to know about me?  I get along with children (but please, don't apply to adopt me if you have any kids under the age of 4.  That is something the Love a Golden people are quite persnickety about.) and I get along with cats.  (Of course, cats are inferior to dogs, but they're nonetheless nice to have around.)

         Did you know that Golden Retrievers think life is a party, and they are the guest of honor? It's true.  We enjoy life so much and have such a great time.  Our enthusiasm and zest for life cannot be squashed.

         And I'm ready to start enjoying life with my new family.  Could you be the one I'm looking for?  If so, go to  You'll find me along with other Golden Girls...

Apparently Foley writing this blurb on his blog was a great idea, because I am now adopted!  I found a forever home!  I have a family that loves me!  But there are many other lovely and loving Goldens who are not so lucky.  Check them out on this blog, or go to our site to see all the four-legged friends available for adoption...

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Anita and I Need-a Forever Family

This is my glamour shot I give to all the movie studios...
Don't you think I have gorgous bone structure?

      Yes, I have a bit of white and gray in my face, but seriously--don't you think ladies who have been around the block once or twice are far more alluring and interesting than young, inexperienced pups?

      I'm ten years old, but I still have lots of living to do.  I adore belly rubs (what girl doesn't?) and I am good no matter where I am---at home or in the car.  I used to be an outside dog in my "former" life, but I have gotten used to living inside and, I must say, it's mighty nice to lay down on a comfy dog bed and take a nap (or two) during the day.

     What is a girl like me looking for?  A home where my people will not be gone all day for long hours.  I'd love to have a doggy friend there to be a companion for me, and I even like cats!  (I have a fondness for taking a soft toy to sleep with me when I nap...I hope that's okay with you.)

         I was found in a shelter. (My former family did not want me anymore. What kind of horrible people just "discard" sweet dogs like me?)  From my perspective, there is nothing more marvelous than a dog hanging around its people--it's my idea of heaven!  (However, I also enjoy going for walks and for rides in the car.)

     So, how about it?  Do you have room in your heart and your home for a gal like me who is eager to start a second life? Contact if you'd like to consider a girl who's full of love...

Goodness gracious!  I am one lucky gal!  I am no longer available--I'm "taken."  I got adopted, but I am worried about the other senior boys and girls that are still looking for a family to call their own.  Go to our site to see Goldens who are still waiting---patiently---for a family.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Could This Be YOUR Buddy?

          I'm around 2 years old.  But don't let my youth get you worried.  I am one of the most well-behaved dogs you'll ever encounter.

Thank goodness I have a beautiful reddish-blonde coat to keep me warm!

        My name is Buddy Boy. I like to play with my foster brother, but you would be surprised...You might look down and notice me just stretched out on the floor and relaxing like a good boy.  However, my favorite place to relax is by my people.  (After all I'm a Golden. And don't all Goldens love to be around the two-legged source of their love?)

      Like most dogs that began as strays, I need a fence at my new home.  If I was just let loose to go potty, I might run and become a stray again, and nobody wants that!  With  a fence, I am happy to play outside and I'm kept safe at the same time! 

Look into my brown eyes...How can you resist?

      My foster mom and dad are giving me lots of love and attention. Thanks to them, I've flourished and am now a handsome boy.  But what I really want is a home to call my own.  Please check me out under "Golden Boys" at Love a Golden Rescue. And think about opening up your heart and your home to a young boy like me...