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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Battle of the Goldens

Note:  This evening, two of my Golden friends--Maggie Moo and Bennie--were in Clayton,to promote pet adoption and they even appeared on the news. After the filming finished, the squabbling began...

Bennie:  I got more footage than you, Maggie.  Being so young and handsome, the camera just fell in love with me!

Maggie Moo:  The only reason you got filmed so much is you kept moving around and saying "hi" to all the other dogs there.  I am a lady. I know to stand and wait and be patient... 

Bennie: Did you see Kelly and David Backes there?  They were the ones who invited us to this get-together.  David is a Blues hockey player.

Maggie Moo:  What is "hockey"?

Bennie:  Well, it's a sport, but since it's not played with a "ball," it's b-o-r-i-n-g! I'm not interested in it...

Maggie Moo:  And tell me again. Why were all of us rescue dogs hanging around in Clayton tonight?

Bennie:  There are a bunch of billboards that just went up in St. Louis, urging people to adopt a pet.  You know, Maggie Moo, Missouri is the # 1 puppy mill state.  That's horrible!
                   By the way, did you know I got to try sushi tonight?

Maggie Moo:  You did?  How did I miss out on that?

Bennie:  I keep tellin' you, I'm special.

photo by Witty nickname

Maggie Moo:  "I had to go after a squirrel
for a snack, since I missed out on the sushi!

Bennie:  Thanks to our two newest followers... Melody, we're glad you're keeping up with what we're doing.  Maybe you know someone who is in the market for a great dog like Maggie Moo me?

Maggie Moo:  And thanks also to Lisa Ricard Claro.  She has a blog.  She has a meme. I haven't a clue what either one of those are, but I hear she's a talented writer.  Thanks for adding yourself as a follower...


  1. Hey Maggie Moo and Bennie! I saw you both on TV this evening...and I'd say you had equal time!

  2. They did a GREAT job! Thank you Sioux for taking Ben. It looks like he had a fun time and I heard he got a nice bonus...Sushi treat. I bet he LOVED that. How is your arm today? Isn't he a special guy? Such a love bug =D