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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Could This Be YOUR Buddy?

          I'm around 2 years old.  But don't let my youth get you worried.  I am one of the most well-behaved dogs you'll ever encounter.

Thank goodness I have a beautiful reddish-blonde coat to keep me warm!

        My name is Buddy Boy. I like to play with my foster brother, but you would be surprised...You might look down and notice me just stretched out on the floor and relaxing like a good boy.  However, my favorite place to relax is by my people.  (After all I'm a Golden. And don't all Goldens love to be around the two-legged source of their love?)

      Like most dogs that began as strays, I need a fence at my new home.  If I was just let loose to go potty, I might run and become a stray again, and nobody wants that!  With  a fence, I am happy to play outside and I'm kept safe at the same time! 

Look into my brown eyes...How can you resist?

      My foster mom and dad are giving me lots of love and attention. Thanks to them, I've flourished and am now a handsome boy.  But what I really want is a home to call my own.  Please check me out under "Golden Boys" at Love a Golden Rescue. And think about opening up your heart and your home to a young boy like me...


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