Foley is a Golden Retriever rescued a few years ago...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hi! My Name is Tessa

        My name is Tessa.  I am still a "teenager" as far as dogs are concerned. (How old am I? I'm only 18 months old, although it's impolite to ask a lady her age.)

       Someone put an ad out, offering to give me away!  Free to a good home! Imagine, someone giving me away. I am such a gorgeous girl, they could have gotten hundreds thousands of dollars for me.

        When someone who knows about Love a Golden Rescue saw the advertisement, they contacted LAGR, and the rest is...history. Or herstory, since it's my past. (Girls rule!  Boys drool!)

       I am well behaved in my foster home. I am looking for a family I can spend many, many years with.  A family with a fenced-in yard, so I can run around and play.  A family that has love in their heart for a beautiful, warm-hearted dog like me...

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  1. She's so beautiful! I hope she finds her forever home.