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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Calling Governor Nixon

          My two-legged friends are busy right now calling Governor Nixon.  Apparently, the majority of the people voted "yes" on Prop B, but now it's in danger of being extinguished.

          I thought when people vote, their voices get heard.  I guess not...After all, when I "speak," everyone hears me bark!

photo by abcbassett

          The two-leggers are asking you to call Governor Nixon. Ask him to uphold Prop B.  I know there are a lot of miserable dogs in Missouri right now (our state has the most puppy mills in the state). These dogs live in wire cages, they are constantly in a breeding cycle, and they never get the chance to know the love of a human...unless they're rescued.

          His number is 573-751-3222.

          Prop B will help make sure that my four-legged friends get treated with a bit more humanity...

photo by Mo's Fo-Toes

           Please pass the word along to your friends in Missouri.  Maybe Governor Nixon will hear us...


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