Foley is a Golden Retriever rescued a few years ago...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm the One Rod Stewart Sang About...

Okay, this is one of the photos that was taken when I was heavier than I am now.
And don't they say that the camera adds on 10 pounds?

         My name is Maggie Moo, and in a previous life, I was romanced by Rod Stewart.  He wrote his #1 song about my many charms, but since I would not give him permission to use my name, he changed it to Maggie May, and the rest is musical history...

        I mean, I'm an older girl, but I'm not that old!  After all, I'm only 13 but Rod is 70-something...And just like Rod Stewart can still shake his butt and prance around like a teenager, I still have oodles of life left in me.

        You want proof?  When Love a Golden Rescue got me, my owner had died.  They figure I was an outdoor dog, since it was obvious that tiled floors were unfamiliar to me once I got to my foster home.  Now, however, I have gotten used to the comforts of home, although I still love lying outside, basking in the sun and enjoying the scents that waft my way...

       Love a Golden also figured that my owner gave me any food---as much as I wanted---any time I wanted it.  I tipped the scales at 117 pounds.  But already, I've slimmed down to 90.3 pounds (as of March 18) and am on a mission. A mission to lose even more.

       Many of you men and women would like to know how I've lost so much weight in a short period of time.  I have two secrets:  watching what you eat and walking several times a day.

       My foster parents have put me on healthy chow (instead of food filled with calorie-packed fillers) and I don't get an unlimited amount.  I get the right amount for what would be my "normal" size. 

I watched one of those "Rocky" movies---the one where he
went to Russia---and I remembered he trained out in the snow of
Siberia.  If it works for Sylvester Stallone, maybe it can for me, too!

Note:  Do not start any diet without consulting your doctor.  I have a vet that keeps an eye on me, along with many followers that are rooting for me. When I get down to my ideal weight, someone has even promised to treat me to a "spa"day.  I am really looking forward to the cucumber mask!  Yum!  What did you say?  You mean the cucumber mask is not meant for consumption?  Darn!  But I will get a pedicure and a massage, won't I?

          I also take several walks every day.  And don't think my foster mom and dad have to drag me out the door and force me to walk.  I'm the one reminding them that it's my turn to go for a jaunt. 

        I get along splendidly with my foster siblings. I'm just waiting for the right people to come along who will become my new family.  Because they will be the lucky ones...(After all, I get monthly residual checks from Rod Stewart's label!)



  1. Oh, Maggie Moo is beautiful! Kisses to her!

  2. Becky---She is indeed gorgeous, and has such an enthusiasm for life. She's kind of like the Tina Turner of Goldens. You know how Tina shakes and shimmys on stage, in high heels,has legs I would kill for, and she's definitely a senior citizen? That's how Maggie Moo is...She is very active for a senior girl.