Foley is a Golden Retriever rescued a few years ago...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Foley Says Thanks

          My mom makes me type up the posts for this blog, which cuts into my ball-playing time. And, it's hard to hit the right keys with these big paws of mine. 

         So it makes me feel good (although not as good as I feel at 8:00 when it's "carrot time") when I have snared some followers.

This is me, Foley. I get tired of other Goldens getting all the attention
with their photos, so I figured I would post a "beefcake" shot of me...

        A big thank to you to our first five followers:

Becky Povich---Becky is a blogger, a writer, and a dog-lover. She recently adopted a rescued dog named Vern, who isn't a Golden, but he IS golden-colored...He seems like he's a nice guy, but I haven't had the chance to sniff his butt yet.

Melissa---I think Melissa is one of the two-legged Love a Golden volunteers...

Michele---Michele has had foster dogs for Love a Golden and she does a lot of volunteering.  You can see her at various meet and greets and other events.  

Angie Borgman---Angie is a LAGR volunteer and foster mom. You can see her at various events---selling homemade dog biscuits and talking about the available dogs... 

Marcia Berry---is a volunteer, she's fostered our Goldens, and now she's working on a Love a Golden trivia night that will happen this spring.

       Thanks to all of you for becoming a follower.  Hopefully there will be more joining you soon...


  1. Hey Foley! Thanks for the shout out! I do love dogs of all kinds, and you are a particularly handsome guy! Vern sends woofs and sniffs :)

  2. Foley, you handsome dog, you! As it happens, I LOVE Goldens! Our Golden, Riley, blessed our home and our lives for almost 15 years before God called him to heaven to chase tennis balls up there. I'll be back to read more about you and your pals!