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Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Anita and I Need-a Forever Family

This is my glamour shot I give to all the movie studios...
Don't you think I have gorgous bone structure?

      Yes, I have a bit of white and gray in my face, but seriously--don't you think ladies who have been around the block once or twice are far more alluring and interesting than young, inexperienced pups?

      I'm ten years old, but I still have lots of living to do.  I adore belly rubs (what girl doesn't?) and I am good no matter where I am---at home or in the car.  I used to be an outside dog in my "former" life, but I have gotten used to living inside and, I must say, it's mighty nice to lay down on a comfy dog bed and take a nap (or two) during the day.

     What is a girl like me looking for?  A home where my people will not be gone all day for long hours.  I'd love to have a doggy friend there to be a companion for me, and I even like cats!  (I have a fondness for taking a soft toy to sleep with me when I nap...I hope that's okay with you.)

         I was found in a shelter. (My former family did not want me anymore. What kind of horrible people just "discard" sweet dogs like me?)  From my perspective, there is nothing more marvelous than a dog hanging around its people--it's my idea of heaven!  (However, I also enjoy going for walks and for rides in the car.)

     So, how about it?  Do you have room in your heart and your home for a gal like me who is eager to start a second life? Contact if you'd like to consider a girl who's full of love...

Goodness gracious!  I am one lucky gal!  I am no longer available--I'm "taken."  I got adopted, but I am worried about the other senior boys and girls that are still looking for a family to call their own.  Go to our site to see Goldens who are still waiting---patiently---for a family.

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