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Friday, May 27, 2011

Leavin' On a Jet Plane

Luci and Sammy--in their crates---ready to be loaded on plane headed west...

                  I never met Luci or Sammy before they blew the coop, but hey, they're Goldens, so I know they're great dogs.

Sammy---a 9-year old guy

                  Love a Golden got them, but unfortunately, they desperately need foster homes.  (Who wouldn't jump at the chance to love on a Golden, and all the vet and medical bills are taken care of? ) Since all the foster homes are full to the brim, a more creative solution had to be found in order to save these dogs. 

Luci---She's 10, but quite energetic for her age.
(It was difficult getting her to sit still enough to get a shot of her.)

                  Those two-legged creatures can be pretty smart sometimes, 'cause they found a way!

                  Homeward Bound, in Sacremento, has a program for senior dogs called SOS (Save Our Seniors).  Luci and Sammy left on Friday afternoon, and will be living the good life in sunny California. (I wonder if they will get an in-flight movie?)  

                 Check out Homeward Bound, and if you know of any two-leggers who have room for a foster dog (in the St. Louis/St. Charles area) or if you know anyone who is in looking to adopt a Golden Retriever, please let them know about Love a Golden.  

                 Because we're desperate...     

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